Benji Riethmeier


The sports statitics app that emphaiszes cutomizablitity of the data you see!

Follow the stats that interest you most!
Follow your favorite teams
Get an AI prediction of an upcoming game's score
Customize your theme to show team spirit!
View season stats for any player
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React Native





Project Goal

This project was built as the capstone project of my Computer Science degree from The University of Tulsa, built over the course of my senior year.

My team and I wanted to create an app that allows a user to be their favorite team’s number 1 fan by staying on top of how their team and its players are performing. With the recent rise in sports betting, we also wanted to create an app that could give its users the edge by providing customizable statistical insight.

The Stack

The combination of React Native and Expo was chosen so that we could create a mobile application for both Android and iOS using a single code base. React Native was selected over something like Flutter since the team had more experience with JavaScript.

Since many of the team were also familiar with Python, Flask was selected to create the backend API routes. Flask also has a relatively easy learning curve.

The Tanstack Query library was added in a later sprint in order to manage and simplify the data fetching process.

Lessons Learned