Benji Riethmeier


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Project Goal

I originally learned about web development by going through The Odin Project ’s JavaScript course, which covers vanilla JavaScript, React, and Express. At some point during the Express course, I got sidetracked and started exploring using Next.js for my backend instead, so I never reached the final project of The Odin Project’s course: creating a Facebook Clone!

I eventually came back to this project and created Benjibook! I created this project to thoroughly test my skills, and ultimately I just wanted to see if I could create a huge project like this.

The Stack

For this project, I used a collection of technologies known as The T3 Stack. This stack emphasizes type-safety, so TypeScript is at the front and center of everything.

This stack is built upon Next.js, which is the web framework I had the most experience with, so I felt comfortable using for this project. Other technologies that I used included:

While tRPC is a relatively new library, I was particularly excited to use it in Benjibook and I enjoyed my experience with it immensely.

Lessons Learned