Benji Riethmeier

About Me

First thing first, I've always had a great passion for science and technology. As long as I can remember, I have enjoyed reading about astronomy. In my first grade class after reading all the space books in the classroom, my teacher had to bring in more from home!

Eventually, this passion grew into a love of science fiction novels and movies (Dune is my favorite btw!)

Around middle school, I figured out that I could make science fiction a reality through computers and programming. One evening I started learning Python and I've never looked back.

Throughout high school I took every programming class possible and afterwards I continued my studies at The University of Tulsa with a major in Computer Science.

Throughout my studies at TU, I've taken every chance to learn more. I got involved with undergraduate research studying the user experience of development environments.

I also took learning into my own hands by taking online courses in web development (shoutout to The Odin Project !) to learn Javascript and constantly working on new side projects to hone my abilities!

After my graduation at the end of this year, I will start working at Paycom --a company building online payroll and human resource technology--as a software developer to continue my development journey!